Saturday, 2 May 2020

The Lockdown posts: Alternative Kitchen Disco #4

...and the puns just keep on coming. MrsRobster's latest attempt at humour surprised me to say the least. The words, as you may know, come from Hello, Goodbye by The Beatles. Now MrsRobster is one of those strange people who doesn't get the Beatles. I put it down to being too young to appreciate them. So a Beatles lyric was unexpected, even moreso when you consider it's one of Paul's. Macca is MrsRobster's nemesis. She has this irrational hatred of the man. Yes, he's irritating; yes, he was only the third-best Beatle. But he did write Hey Jude and Band On The Run, so not all bad. Mind, he also gave us the Frog Chorus, so maybe she has a point...

Anyway, here's the latest instalment in my kitchen soundtrack this week. First up is 'Walking Like We Do', the new album by The Big Moon who we saw supporting Pixies last autumn. Now, it's not as good as their debut as they've gone all pop with lots of keyboards 'n' all. It's a bit hit and miss, often lacking the energy of their earlier work. But there is enough about it to make me play it a few times. A couple of tracks are actually very good, like this one which would be one of my singles of the year so far if it wasn't actually released last September. They missed the boat I reckon, this is a summer tune if ever I've heard one.

'Viscerals', the new album by the band with my most favourite name ever - Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - sees them expand their sonic range to new levels. The songs may be getting shorter (five of its eight songs come in at less than five minutes) but the ideas are bigger than ever. The ominous drones and slow, heavy riffs are still in abundance, but there's some thrash, punk, psych - think Sabbath meets Rollins and then some. Throw in lyrics containing social comment with a heavy dose of wit and you get this beast of a motherfucker! And I bought it on 'blood & guts' coloured vinyl too.

Another of my homemade playlists to finish off with. I have an evolving Best Of The Wedding Present, which initially contained 40 songs, and currently stands at 70. It has all the singles, plus various album tracks, b-sides, covers, radio sessions... all sorts of things. One of the most recent updates I made was to add this wonderful version of Bewitched to it. It follows the release of the Marc Riley Sessions Volume 4, featuring two performances they did on Riley's 6 Music show in 2017. On this occasion, they brought a full string section with them - and it sounds amazing!

At least another week or two of lockdown to go, so I suppose I'll be back next week. Maybe.

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  1. Morning Rob! Apologies, this is the first chance I've had to swing by and welcome you back.

    Of course, I'd love to think that something I wrote in the latest instalment of The Chain played some part in your return, but you've already poo-poo'd that!

    Anyhoo: that Weddoes track is phenomenal - the original was already high on my list of faves by them - but the session version is just incredible. Did I tell you I met Gedge last year? There's no story, other than that I immediately regressed to the shuffling, awkward teenage me; I just looked at embarrassedly at my shoes and thanked him for being so fucking brilliant. Didn't even get a selfie (because I hate them and I think he would too.)

    Anyway, long may you remain bored (and Mrs Robster can think of puns) enough to keep posting: genuinely, after 6Music you're my next best source for new bands I should know about. Stay safe mate, much love.