Sunday, 24 May 2020

The Lockdown posts: Miss World

This might evolve into a mini-series of sorts, it might be just a one off. But, here's a few tunes from around the world by female artists. It's nowhere near the grand scale of my World Tour a few years back, but you know, there's a pandemic and everything...

We start in South America - Argentina to be precise - and the latest album by post-punk duo Las Kellies. 'Suck This Tangerine' is their seventh album, the fifth on legendary British indie label Fire Records.

I first featured Tricot in my It Came From Japan series, and now they're back with their sixth album,'真っ黒' or 'Makkuro' if you prefer. It translates as 'Pitch Black' and continues their trend of complex math-rock, although there's a darker air to this record which I suppose is hinted at by the title.

I've posted about Agnes Obel before too, as part of the World Tour's visit to Denmark. She's just released her fourth album 'Myopia' and it sounds much more like a return to her early sound of piano-led songs as opposed to the gentle electronic moods of her last record. Some gorgeous tracks on this. Here's a live version of one of them recorded pre-lockdown.

More travels soon? We'll see...

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