Saturday, 28 July 2018

What's the Deal, Kim? #3

The Amps were Kim Deal's project following the dissolution of the 'Last Splash' Breeders line-up. Originally intended as a solo project while Kelley was in rehab, Kim recruited Breeders bandmate Jim McPherson on drums, Luis Ferma on bass and Nate Farley on guitar.  She adopted the pseudonym Tammy Ampersand and called the band Tammy And The Amps, later shortening it to just The Amps.

They were far less polished than the Breeders, but the resulting album 'Pacer', released in 1995, certainly had Kim's trademark melodies. There was no follow-up, the band morphing back into The Breeders when Kelley came back on board the following year (though with a new drummer). However, it took a further six years before the third Breeders album 'Title TK' materialised.

Full On Idle featured on both 'Pacer' and 'Title TK'. It's a raucous blast of punk - probably the most raucous Kim got after the Pixies split - and this live version recorded for French TV was even more furious.

In 2003, Kim and Kelley contributed a track to the Hedwig & The Nasty Inch tribute album 'Wig In A Box'. Although credited to The Breeders, the line-up on Wicked Little Town was essentially just the two of them. It's a thing of beauty such of the kind you expect from the Deal sisters.

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  1. Still like that Amps album. You never hear about it. Our little secret.