Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The big, bad birthday post: 90s ABC

I suppose as you get older, it's natural that you look back and reminisce. I'm no fan of nostalgia, I believe in looking forward, especially where music's concerned. But I can't help it sometimes, especially when I stumble across a long-forgotten video on You Tube and think "Blimey, I loved that track." So today, on the occasion of my 47th birthday, I present an ABC of the early 90s - three records I really loved back in the day. I've never really forgotten them, they've all been played a number of times in the intervening decades, but probably not enough. It's a rather shoegazey selection (hence the shoegazey pic at the top), but if we just change the word 'shoegaze' to 'dream pop', we have a bang-up-to-date genre! Yes, it's all just words...

While the tunes are excellent, by contrast, check out the videos - three of the most 90s cliche-ridden clips you're ever likely to see!

From 1993, Homeboy was one of my most favourite songs of the year. By far the best track on the band's debut album, I so wanted to be in a band who played this. Actually, I wanted to be in Adorable playing this track. I still love it, a fantastic song. The vid has people jumping in water with guitars and the band in sillhouette. And guitars being swung around.

I bought The Belltower's 'Exploration Day' EP in 1992 on a hunch and was glad I did. Outshine The Sun is a cracking pop tune and remains so, even if it has dated a little. The video sees the band playing outdoors in a field, and with gaffa tape over their mouths. And guitars being swung around.

Pearl by Chapterhouse came out in 1991 and pretty much defines 90s shoegaze to me. Another wonderful track which just a few years later was sampled by Siouxsie And The Banshees for Kiss Them For Me. The vid? Close-ups of wistful-looking band members, more water, psychedelic backdrops... the only thing missing? Guitars being swung around.

I'll try and dig out some new stuff for my next post...


  1. Happy birthday youth
    Here’s to many more guitars being swung around

  2. Happy birthday Robster and enjoy your day.

  3. I'm with you on these... especially Chapterhouse. Still pull that one out all of the time. Happy birthday to you.

  4. Happy birthday. You are almost exactly 8 months older than me, yet I don't remember any of these tunes from the time. I prefer the two with swimming guitars. Will have to investigate those further.

  5. Happy Birthday Robster! Pearl by Chapterhouse is one of those songs that gave me hope that the 90's would be filled with wonderful the end, not so much...but Pearl is certainly one to look back on lovingly.

  6. Happy birthday young Robster (I'm 48). That Chapterhouse song sounds much better than I remember.

  7. Young man! Belatedly, happy birthday mate. Hope you painted The 'Port a suitable shade of red last night.