Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Singing for Tim

Today I present one of the very best things to ever appear on this blog. Correction: one of the very best things to ever appear on any blog anywhere ever. David Minnick is a musician, songwriter and producer from Detroit. His most recent project involves acapella group The 180 Gs and what they've made together is quite spectacular. 'Singin' To God' is an exact recreation of 'Sing To God', the classic double album released by our favourite mavericks Cardiacs. Yes, 90 minutes of one of the greatest modern epics produced almost entirely by voices (there's a kazoo on Dog Like Sparky, a few "environmental sounds" and some other "body percussion"). You have to hear it to believe it.

I know very little about David Minnick or The 180 Gs, but I have a hunch they may be one and the same, which makes this work even more audacious. Perhaps the very best thing about this though is that half the price of each sale of the album is donated to Tim Smith for his ongoing medical care. So sample these tracks and then buy the thing. If not for Tim, for yourselves. For your happiness and wellbeing. Praise him, praise him.

And because it's not on YouTube, here's Dirty Boy, one of the greatest songs ever written, probably. No - definitely.

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  1. Fantastic stuff. I was a little unsure when I heard about this LP, but love these tracks.