Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Summer graduation

Yesterday we headed westward to Carmarthen for TheMadster's graduation ceremony. The weather was, as it has been for the past couple of weeks, most un-British - baking hot and sunny. We came out of the univarsity's theatre dripping with sweat, but proud. TheMadster is the first of both mine and MrsRobster's immediate families to graduate. Well, apart from my brother who last year successfully completed an Open University degree in Engineering, but he was 44 then and has been doing the job for 20 years! Not that that undermines his achievement in any way - far from it. But TheMadster is the first to do it straight after leaving 6th form, you know what I mean. She attained a 2:1 in Sport and Exercise Science (Personal Training) and can now put BSc (Hons) after her name. Not only that, she's only gone and got herself a job as well. In a gym, no less.

The heatwave is set to continue for the next couple weeks, just in time for the school holidays when it will inevitably piss down for the next month! So while it's here, let's enjoy it with some good tunes. Firstly, a song you cannot ever get enough of, whatever the weather. Sadly, the video has vanished from You Tube so here's a Top Of The Pops performance instead in which Harriet sings live:

This one has long been a favourite of mine and MrsRobster. Great live band, too.

And here's one for TheMadster from one of her favourite bands.


  1. Congratulations to TheMadster

  2. Well done. Congrats to TheMadster as well

  3. Congratulations to TheMadster!

  4. Well done from over here too.

  5. What a day! Your buttons must have been busting right off of your shirt. Congratulations to TheMadster and your entire family.