Friday, 10 March 2017

The Genius of Half Man Half Biscuit #8

Walter has offered up another of his favourite Half Man Half Biscuit tunes this week. This one features on 2001's 'Editor's Recommendation' EP.

I decided to give New York Skiffle the chance to appear on your blog. Why this one? Because one of the reasons I love the Biscuits is how they play with different genres and their sarcastic humour. This song is based on a traditional by Lonnie Donegan. But Nigel Blackwell exchanges the chewing gum for heroin and tells a story about the weird, complacent and intellectual Warhol-scene. Brilliant verses like "Did you rob your brother's Giro" makes the Biscuits great.

Succinct but informative as always Walter. Good tune, too. Thanks mate.


  1. Editor's Recommendation is a wonderful little CD. I bet it's not the last time on its songs appears in this series.