Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The Devil's Music

Do you reckon it would be noisy in Hell? Is that the reason people refer to something being 'loud as Hell'? Pretty sure it would be, what with all that fire and wailing souls 'n' all. I also reckon our host down there might play a bit of Tad now and again. They were loud as Hell. One of Sub Pop's earliest signings, Tad would become hugely influential to the burgeoning grunge scene, even if they wouldn't go on to sell nearly as many records as their incumbents. Satan's Chainsaw appeared on 'God's Balls'. Not literally, you understand (the very thought of it makes every bloke wince...) - 'God's Balls' was the title of Tad's debut album from 1989. A Hellish racket, 'tis true - but a bleddy good one!


  1. Looking forward to be able to listen to that when I get home, 'cos apart from the track of theirs on the Sub Pop 200 compilation plus the 'Jack Pepsi' - 12" (which is ace, by the way), I know nothing by Tad alas!

  2. hell's bells that was a scary listen