Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Devil's Music

The Mark Of The Devil by Pulp

An early Pulp b-side? Blimey, now we really are summoning the dark spirits. Released between Pulp's first and second albums, Dogs Are Everywhere contained five songs, including today's offering The Mark Of The Devil. All but the title track hinted at the darker sound they would adopt on 'Freaks' (which was actually their first full-length album following the mini-LP 'It'). With lyrics like: "Smiles left unfollowed start to haunt you / Chances that perished long ago / The devil is waiting in the bathroom with your worthless soul", it's safe to say Jarvis wasn't writing songs for the common people back in 1987.


  1. I'm only vaguely aware of early Pulp from what I've picked up via compilation albums and blogs. So cheers for this.

  2. Just to say Robster....for some reason your final HMHB post isn't accepting comments

  3. did so just there. But that, honestly and soberly, was my fourth go!!