Monday, 6 March 2017

Out to lunch

It's funny how sounds we associate from a certain time and place come back much later in new guises. Anything old will probably at some point return as new. That is perhaps more true in music as anything else. Many readers here will be able to recall with some fondness the sounds of the C86 jangle-pop era and the bands and labels that spawned them.

It's unlikely any of New Jersey's Lunch Ladies can remember those days, but they've certainly discovered that music and taken more than a modicum of inspiration. They're about to release their debut record, the 7-song 'Down On Sunset Strip', and it's clear to hear where they're coming from, musically at least.

What we get then is a potential soundtrack for your summer. With titles like Sunshine and Lazy, we get a bit of a hint, but the proof lies in the music itself. Lead single Love Is Overrated sparkles with languid chorus-laden guitars that reminds me of bands like Johnny Boy, Chorusgirl and, in places, Allo Darlin'. It could well be one of the singles of the year so far. I'm pretty sure fans of such labels as Elefant, Sarah and early Creation (Brian?) will get a kick out of Lunch Ladies.

'Down on Sunset Strip' by Lunch Ladies is out on 10 March 2017 on Good Eye Records.


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  2. Derivative. But enjoyable.

    I struggle nowadays to keep up with new music (downside to daily postings on retro stuff) but will try and keep an eye out for this lot.