Monday, 6 February 2017


The picture? Well, what's wrong with bunnies? I know it'll make MrsRobster go all gooey. Anyway, it's not the fact it's bunnies that's significant, but how many bunnies there are.

This week marks the third anniversary of Is This The Life?, which is a bit of a surprise. I didn't think it would still be going. If I'm being totally honest, I'm really not sure how much I have left in me, but that might just be my current ongoing less-than-happy mood talking.

Regardless, I ought to say thanks for bothering to stop by and read the words, play the tunes, leave the comments and all that. So thanks. No, really, it means a lot. I dont know what else to say, so let's have some music.

The very first thing I posted here was a Velvet Underground track. Today, I'm going to give you something else by the late, great Lou Reed. Modern Dance featured on his 2000 album 'Ecstacy', one of my fave Lou solo records. This live version was recorded in Dusseldorf that same year and is from a superb bootleg I have.

One of the blog's biggest focuses is on the music of Wales. So here's one of the bands who featured in my Welsh Wednesday series, The Earth, who feature a couple of Super Furry Animals like so many great things in life.

And to round things off, another of the blog's favourite bands with a fitting track to mark its birthday. I just wonder how the boy Gedge managed to keep a straight face during this video...


  1. Gosh only three Robster you young whippersnapper
    Keep on keeping on

  2. Three fun-filled years that have been enjoyable, educational and entertaining in equal measures.

    Penblwydd Hapus

  3. This place consistently delivers great writing and interesting new musical discoveries. You keep doing it, I'll keep reading it. Congratulations on your third anniversary Robster - long may you run.

  4. .." I'm really not sure how much I have left in me,"

    We'll have none of that talk young TheRobster.

  5. Please don't take this negatively. It seems impossible I have only been stopping by here for three years. Feels like an old friend. Congratulations to you on this fine achievement. Long may you run.