Friday, 3 February 2017

The Genius Of Half Man Half Biscuit #3

This week, a few words from one of my favourite Germans. Walter from A Few Good Times in My Life rose to the challenge of selecting his favourite HMHB song for us:

If it is hard enough to select 10 songs by them than it is almost impossible to choose one. But I try and say it will be With Goth On Our Side. It shows the genius of using words and it is held in an acoustic way.

Yep, genius - for that is what it is, as illustrated by this verse alone:

  "Now my overweight girlfriend, she sits and she crimps
  Her mother’s convinced she’s communing with imps
  Her brother’s alright though, he’s a good lad is Wilf
  ‘Cos he’s into Placebo and Cradle Of Filth."

For what it's worth, I used to know a guy who played in Cradle of Filth. Perhaps there's a Half Man Half Biscuit song in there as well... Danke, Walter.

I'm still open to offers! If you want to contribute a piece about your fave Half Man Half Biscuit track, drop me a line at the address over on the right of the page. Walter himself will be back later in the series...


  1. They have named a few musical acts ( and Bono) over the years

  2. Way to go, Walter! Great lyrics... as usual.