Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Devil's Music

Devil House by Shonen Knife

Yes, He's back. In this fallow period for my muse, I thought I'd give our old friend Satan a call to see if he'd like to offer up a few more tunes, seeing as the last time we did this it went down rather well. You can imagine my delight when he not only agreed, but suggested we play Shonen Knife as the first tune of the new season. Can't argue with that.

Devil House originally featured, in Japanese, on Shonen Knife's 1986 album 'Pretty Little Baka Guy'. Following Kurt Cobain proclaiming his undying love for them, they re-recorded it in English - along with numerous other oldies - for 1992's 'Let's Knife'. To celebrate the Dark Lord's return, let's have both versions today.


  1. Both versions have their charms. Cool to hear what they sounded like way back in '86.

  2. Hadn't thought about Shonen Knife in decades until right now. Had forgotten how much I liked what they did, albeit there was a fair degree of novelty to them rather than being a truly outstanding band. Thanks.