Wednesday, 25 January 2017

My third tip for 2017

The final one of these presents a band with one of the best names of all time. They're from Newcastle and are rather brilliantly called Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs. Yes, really. They kind of tap into the current psyche-driven scene (they share a label with the likes of Goat and Gnoomes), though they crank up the riffs, the fuzz, the volume and the attitude to beyond 11.

Their debut album 'Feed The Rats' came out last Friday and features just three songs. It sounds like Black Sabbath jamming with Hawkwind (with Lemmy on vocals); a mammoth beast of a record. It's on Bandcamp and you ought to buy it 'cos it'll scare the shit out of people you don't like and put a huge grin on the faces of people you do. It's perfect for the kind of mood I'm in of late (which isn't pretty) - heavy, loud, angry, a bit trippy and quite way-out there.

The single Sweet Relief is the only track of 'normal length' on the record - there are a couple epics on there too. You get the video only today - it's way too new for MP3s. Turn it up as loud as you can and wallow.


  1. Great choice, Robster. Not the music for every mood but this is like I listen to when it all gets too much.

  2. Had a listen to the album last weekend. Wasn't really for me. The band themselves are great but thought the vocals are a bit shouty for me.

  3. Here's another release on Rocket Records due in a couple of weeks. The bands name is Julies Haircut. Have this on preorder and am looking forward to it.