Monday, 16 January 2017

My first tip for 2017...

Not sure how I've missed this band up to now as I absolutely love their sound. Desperate Journalist hail from London and are tapping into the post-punk vibe that's very much 'in' at the moment. Their name is inspired by an unreleased diss track by The Cure towards Paul Morley, one of the most pretentious rock journalists ever to have put pen to paper. Desperate Journalist's second album 'Grow Up' comes out in March and this is the fabulous first single from it.

And here's one from their 2015 debut. Look out for this lot in 2017 if for no other reason than the guitarist plays a 12-string Ricky!


  1. I've heard 'Hollow' a couple of times, but was under the misapprehension that it was the band's debut. I do like the noise they make. Good call Robster.

  2. Great sound. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Cheers. What a discovery. Just bought the album today. I wonder if it's Ian Penman rather than Morley who is the target of the Cure song, which namechecks him rather than PM?

    1. They do namecheck him, and I think the lyrics contain something of his, but the song is definitely an attack on Morley. He's famous as much for that review as he is for being a total twat!

  4. Thanks Robster. Is Morley as famous for that as he is for "Ian Curtis died for you"?