Saturday, 14 January 2017

Bowie Week: Saturday

Drive-In Saturday [live on VH1 Telling Stories]
There's only one way to finish Bowie week, especially after yesterday's abomination (sorry, again). I never really got on with 'Aladdin Sane', it's rather patchy. But when it shines, it shines everso brightly, and none more so than track three. Drive-In Saturday was a terrific single and is perhaps only eclipsed on the album by Cracked Actor

This live version from 1999 is preceded by a lovely tale of how upset Bowie was when Mott the Hoople declined to record this track. Maybe the subject matter was just a little too left-field for them; it is still very probably the only top three song in history that tells how the inhabitants of a post-apocalyptic world in the future have forgotten how to have sex, and need to watch old porn films to see how it's done! Only Bowie, eh? Love him, still...

Hope you've enjoyed Bowie week. Normal service resumes next week...


  1. What a great week Robster! Thank you!

  2. You did the great man proud Robster - thanks for these. Have you heard Mozza's version of 'Drive-In Saturday' by the way? It's excellent. He's performed some great covers in concert over the years and really should record his own 'Pin-Ups'.

    1. As long as Morrissey doesn't tackle any songs by The Smiths than I could buy that.....

  3. Great series Robster

  4. Well played, sir. Bowie will never be forgotten.