Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Welsh Wednesday #75

#75: Nythod Cacwn by Band Pres Llareggub

Right - genre-bending time. Brass bands are synonymous with Wales. The sound of a plaintiff Welsh ballad being performed by a famous colliery band is spine tingling. But one thing you won't hear them doing very often is hip-hop and Super Furry Animals covers! Band Pres Llareggub (trans: Llareggub Brass Band) break the mould, for that is exactly what they do.

This remarkable 8-piece have been causing a stir on the Welsh festival circuit and last year released their debut EP which featured Welsh rappers Mr Phormula and Gwyllt. They also featured on BPL's debut album, released in October, along with Lisa Jên and Mirain Haf of 9Bach, Côr Y Penrhyn male voice choir and septugenarian actor John Ogwen. If the album title 'Mwng' sounds familiar, it's because it is a cover of Super Furry Animals album of the same name. The whole thing. Track for track.

The results are intriguing and off-the-wall in places, but well worth investigating whether you're a SFA fan or not. I had real trouble deciding which track to post today, but finally settled on Nythod Cacwn which features the talents of Gwyllt.

Oh incidentally, for those who don't know, Llareggub is the name of the fictional town in Dylan Thomas' classic play 'Under Milk Wood'. It's 'bugger all' backwards!

Here's a brilliant live take:


  1. Japanese noise terrorists followed by hip hop Welsh brash bands! Tremendous stuff

  2. Absolutely brilliant. BRILLIANT!

  3. and there are quite simply not enough songs featuring the kazoo

  4. Outrageously good this week, Robster!

  5. Extraordinary and quite fantastic.