Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Devil's Music

Devil Came a-Calling by Prefab Sprout

I might be about to lose half my audience here, but... I was never a Prefab Sprout fan. There, I said it. The King Of Rock And Roll is one of my most hated songs, a wretched earworm of the worst kind, like Agadoo. Just thinking about it gets the damn thing going round and round in my head. Bugger, there it goes again. That said, it seems Paddy McAloon is far too nice a chap to ever bother ol' Satan. Yet according to this song it actually happened. It appeared on Prefab Sprout's last album, 2013's 'Crimson/Red', though in reality it was really a Paddy solo record.



  1. Shock! Horror! NOT A SPROUT FAN!! It doesn't diminish you in this Sprouts megafan's estimation at all Robster...I think every musician has some sort of Faustian pact hidden away in a drawer or in a box under the bed. a wonderful ode to Jimmy Webb's influence on McAloon. In another life it could have been a great song for Johnny Cash or Glen Campbell or even Rod McKuen.

  2. Thank the lord one blog I read has come out as not liking Prefab Sprout. I just don't understand why their pop-lite is so revered, completely beyond me. Could be worse, I suppose, could be The Blue bloody Nile.

  3. Don't make me come over there. You, too, George. Actually, not a fan of the song you mentioned, but I do love Prefab Sprout, and I think Crimson/Red is one of the best comeback albums this decade.

  4. Meant The King Of Rock And Roll is not great... Devil Came a-Calling is wonderful. Want to make that clear.