Friday, 5 February 2016

50 songs to take to my grave #41: That Great Love Sound

I've followed the Raveonettes ever since their first single in 2002. They've made some absolutely cracking records, even if there have been one or two rather average things too. One of their shining glories, however, was their third single, the lead track from their first full-length album 'Chain Gang Of Love'. That Great Love Sound is a blast from start to finish; that fuzzy bass, that reverbed twangy guitar, those trademark dual vocals - and that chorus.

The Raveonettes have made a career out of making retro sound so up-to-date it almost defies time itself. This is arguably their finest moment, though they have run it pretty close a few times. In fact, That Great Love Sound only very narrowly beat the glorious Ode To LA (featuring the legendary Ronnie Spector) to a place on this list, and 2014's album 'Pe'ahi' is a career highlight. One of my fave bands, for sure.


And here's that great video...


  1. I dunno, I'm a bit scared of her. A cute goddess she is, yes, of course, but nevertheless I'm scared. Can't really describe why though ...

  2. it's a wonderful record as so many of theirs from that era were.