Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Welsh Wednesday #71

#71: Ysbrydoli by Estrons

My list of top 2015 releases was really taking shape when suddenly I was thrown a curve-ball. A four-track EP came out in early December that grabbed me by the throat, kicked me up the jacksie and hollered: "Wait one moment, old man. We're Estrons and you're gonna love us!" And love them I did.

Estrons hail from the North Wales town of Mold. Their singer is a Welsh-speaking Canadian-Swede with the wonderful name Taliesyn Kallström. The band's name means 'aliens', and back in the spring they released a sort-of self-titled single entitled Aliens. It appears on the new EP 'Whoever She Was...' which could very well be one of the best EPs of the year. It also includes the single Make A Man which might be the one you'll hear on the radio. Their debut single C-C-Cariad (trans: L-L-Love) came out in 2014 via the Welsh music magazine Y Selar's singles club. It's not on the EP but worth checking out regardless.

I've picked the Welsh-language track Ysbrydoli for you today. However, as this is still a new release, I've decided not to post the whole thing, but a quick-and-dirty edit. If you want the full version (and why the hell wouldn't you?), I suggest you nip over to iTunes or Amazon and buy it. In fact, get the whole EP. Deffo worth a few quid I reckon.

(This track is no longer available)


  1. As The Swede says. And another fine track on Welsh wednesday, nice one.

  2. This Yank isn't exactly sure where my jacksie is, but I think I might have been kicked there too. Wonderful find, Robster.