Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Devil's Music

#3: Devil Woman by All About Eve

Possibly the only time a Cliff Richard song will ever appear on this blog, and only gets in because the divine Julianne Regan sings it. To be honest, I've often suspected the Devil to be a woman. Not sure if she looks like the one above, mind. Anyway, if you've never heard Cliff done in the style of 80s folky goths, well here's your chance. They say the Devil was a fallen angel. Well Julianne has the voice of an angel, and I fell for her big time in my teens.



  1. Well I got Devil Woman but just not the version I was expecting!

  2. No fcuking way! I never knew they did this.

  3. Goth bands had a certain knack for sideways covers that seemed to work.

  4. Webbie has already provided my reaction when reading this. The problem is that the original is so etched into my brain that even a cover version as unexpected as this doesn't work.

    I'm picturing a wedding band doing their utmost to get the Cliff fans among the guests up on the floor....