Friday, 22 January 2016

Just because...

For some reason, I turned to Dusty Springfield during my mourning for David Bowie. She had a voice that could light up the darkest night and soothe the deepest hurt. It's good therapy, and I'm slowly beginning to get back to writing some stuff.

Here's a version of her fourth Top 10 single, In The Middle Of Nowhere from 1965. It was recorded live for a BBC session that summer.

For no other reason than JUST BECAUSE it's fecking astounding; there's no need to justify any inclusion of Dusty anywhere ever.



  1. Hear, hear! No justification necessary.

  2. Absolutely, no justification required for Dusty. That record player is ace.

  3. Thanks for posting this, Robster! The record player looks like my old (blue) Seabreeze. Love Dusty, and I'd never heard this track but, as zippy won't co-operate with my old computer, I tripped over to youtube for a listen to her great performance at the New Musical Express Poll Winners Concert in 1966: