Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Welsh Wednesday #69

Despite the overwhelming sense of loss a great many of us are still feeling, life goes on and so do we. Normal service must resume.

#69: Accept What You Feel by Zefur Wolves

Zefur Wolves' self-titled debut wasn't just one of my favourite Welsh albums of 2015, it was one of my fave albums by anyone anywhere of 2015. Fronted by Estelle Los, guitarist of Cardiff all-girl R&B outfit Baby Queens, and also featuring her significant other Cian Ciaran, keyboard wizard of Super Furry Animals, Zefur Wolves more than make up the sum of their parts.

Accept What You Feel is one of about half a dozen highlights from the album. It's probably one of the rockiest tracks included, but it still has a rather lazy summery feel to it. Hooks-a-plenty and melodies so infectious, antibiotics can't even touch them, 'Zefur Wolves' is probably one of my most played albums in the car in the past 12 months. The band recently told a poster on Facebook that a second album is "deffo on the cards." Can't wait.

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  1. Good to see this Robster.

    Don't be surprised or let down at lack of comments. Most folk will be still caught up in sadness and grief. I've downloaded with intention of giving it a listen later on. It's very promising going by the description you've provided.