Monday, 22 June 2015

Just because...

Thee Tsunamis hail from Indiana and make a splendid racket akin to a cross between the Cramps, the Stooges, 60s girl groups and classic surf-guitar bands. They've been together a few years and have just released their second album 'Saturday Night Sweetheart', 30 minutes of lo-fi fuzzed up trashy rock 'n' roll. And when I say lo-fi, boy do I mean it - all analogue recordings, distortion and all. Love it.

Rather than post something brand new, I've chosen something from last year's 7" EP 'Delirium And Dark Waters' - a short, sharp blast of what they're about.



  1. I opened up the comment box top write "splendid" and some bugger had already written it!!!!!!!!!!11

  2. Bit of the B52's in there as well, good track Robster.