Monday, 1 June 2015

Blues Monday #10: Mud, Honey by Joanne Shaw Taylor

If you were asked to describe a typical successful blues musician, let's be honest, you wouldn't make any mention of a blonde female in her 20s, hailing from the West Midlands, would you? Yet that is exactly what we get in Joanne Shaw Taylor. She's definitely up there with the finest new artists of the genre. Her guitar playing is authentic and rootsy; her voice is raspy and earthy; and her songwriting is true to the traditions of the Chicago Blues and the subsequent British blues boom.

Joanne was discovered by Dave Stewart (he of Eurythmics fame) who took her on tour when she was a mere 16 years of age. Since then she has gone on to make four acclaimed albums, the most recent of which - last year's 'The Dirty Truth' - was recorded in Memphis, TN. Mud, Honey features on said record and pretty much sums up her extraordinary talent in three short minutes.


And here's a live session version she performed solo last Autumn.

Blues Monday is taking a rest for now but may return at some point in the future. There's loads more blues I want to share.


  1. Very good - I must confess to never having heard of her until now -will now do some digging

  2. There's a definite Birmingham accent there! A very fine guitar player, and I like the video clip a lot

  3. Wow, that is not the voice I would have imagined based on the picture (another nice lesson in not judging people). Like CC above, Joanne is new to me, but I will be seeking out more of her music. Great stuff.