Friday, 5 June 2015

50 songs to take to my grave #31: Insomniac

We can look back on Britpop now and admit that an awful lot of it was crap. Some of it though is immortal. Insomniac by Echobelly is one of those songs that will live forever for me. When I hear it, everything else is just a blur. It really is in a different class.

OK, that's enough Britpop puns. But everything I say is true. Echobelly were kind of a lower-mid table team in Britpop's Premier League, like a West Brom or Crystal Palace. OK, maybe that's not strictly fair. Maybe they were capable of breaking into the Europa League places. Either way, I always felt they deserved far more acclaim than they actually received.

In Sonya Aurora Madan, Echobelly had Britpop's finest vocalist, a singer with an extraordinary range. It's that soaring high note in the chorus of Insomniac that got me hooked - anyone with a voice that interesting had to be worth further exploration. I fell in love with Sonya the first time I saw a picture of her; she was adorable. Echobelly fast became one of my fave bands of the era.

Insomniac was the first Echobelly track I heard and I instantly loved it. It just sounded so unique at the time, yet so totally a part of everything that was going on as well. I still get chills to this day when I hear it. To be fair, Echobelly had a whole heap of really good songs, but for me, without Insomniac, I may well not have noticed them at all; they'd have just been mid-table mediocrity.


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