Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Welsh Wednesday #22

 #22: I Want To Choose When I Sleep Alone by Martin Rossiter

There's probably quite a few Gene fans out there who never knew Martin Rossiter was Welsh. He was born and raised in Monmouth in the south east. It's probably the least Welsh area of the nation - it's a traditionally Tory safe seat (a rarity in Wales), it was the only part of Wales to vote against more powers for the Welsh Assembly in a recent referendum, and as far as the rest of the nation is concerned, it might as well be in England! Monmouth is the location of the famous Rockfield Studios. Queen recorded Bohemian Rhapsody at Rockfield, Oasis made 'Morning Glory' there also, but perhaps more importantly, it's where Pixies recorded last year's marvellous comeback album 'Indie Cindy'.

In December 2012, eight years after Gene played their last show together, singer Martin Rossiter released his debut solo album 'The Defenestration Of St. Martin'. No rush, eh? You'd think he'd spent the time creating an experimental masterpiece or a rock opera of something. Instead what we got was a tender, understated collection of ballads consisting almost entirely of just voice and piano.

Of course, it's all about the voice. Martin always was Gene's USP and on his solo record his voice is accentuated by the minimal backing. It trembles delicately on I Want To Choose When I Sleep Alone as if he's holding back tears. It's among the most moving songs he's ever sung.


  1. Excellent choice, from an excellent album. Here's more onDefenestration, for those that are interested (featuring a different version of the song you've posted today), and also on the Gene reissues from this time last year.

  2. Missed this completely, I had no idea. Excellent.