Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Genius Of... David Gedge #8

#8: Quick, Before It Melts by Cinerama

One of my favourite Gedge lyrics without question. Like Wow, it's about being seduced by a woman when he's already in a relationship with another, only this time he's concerned his nervousness may affect his performance.
Quick, Before It Melts was recorded for Cinerama's third and final album 'Torino' which came out in 2002. An extended version appeared on the album.

From the off we get an idea of the situation our hero is in. It's very possibly the greatest opening verse in pop music history:

  "And when you said: 'I've got nothing on beneath this dress', that was such great flirting!
  I usually find such candidness sort of disconcerting.
  But you said: 'I don't wear underwear because it leaves a stripe.
  People sneer, but do you think I care? They're usually not my type!'"

That flirting continues as the drinks flow before things become a little more physical:

  "You put your hand onto the very place my girlfriend's hand should be,
  You haven't exactly got the kind of face that invites honesty."

Musically, the big chorus really lifts things after the quiet verses. It veers towards Wedding Present territory in places with Sally Murrell's keyboards reminding us it's very much a Cinerama record.
Quick, Before It Melts is their best track without a doubt, and definitely one of the best in Gedge's entire canon, if I'm being honest.


  1. I'm a bit late to the table regarding Cinerama. Heard of them but not heard much by them. Got Va Va Voom in a charity shop yesterday - Va Va Good!

  2. Fantastic lyrics.
    Swiss Adam