Friday, 6 February 2015

Anyone for tea?

Our first gig of 2015 was First Aid Kit at Cardiff's St. David's Hall last month. Supporting that night was singer-songwriter Kimberly Anne from Croydon who hit upon a brilliant piece of promotion at the merch stand. As well as selling her EPs, she was also giving away teabags with a free download attached! Not something I've ever seen before, but it really is a great idea.

Kimberly has been making a lot of friends on this tour, so look out for her in the future. Even if you decide you're not keen on her music, you can't deny she has awesome hair! Here's a lovely acoustic version of last year's single Hard As Hello. If you like it, check out her other stuff on Soundcloud.



  1. Really good track. Reminded me a bit of Joan Armatrading, which is no bad thing...the hair is immense.