Sunday, 23 December 2018

Best of 2018 #7

Here's three of my favourite songs of 2018 that don't feature on my fave albums of the year.

Echo And The Bunnymen - The Somnambulist
(The highlight of a rather strange album of remakes of old Bunnymen songs. The fact this was one of two new songs on it shows they don't need to retread the old days, they should just keep moving forward.)

Hatchie - Sure
(I featured this one earlier in the year, so here's an also-rather-excellent live version.)

Boy Azooga - Loner Boogie
(Another one I posted a while back so another live version for you. Apparently, Davey was shitting himself (his words) when they did this, but they didn't do a bad job considering...)

And finally... a couple more best ofs...

TheRobster's top 3 gigs of 2018:
1. The Breeders - Very close, but being in the presence of the genius that is Kim Deal edges it every time!
2. Idles - Absolutely immense.
3. Shame - Two or three others almost made the list, but Shame really were special.

MrsRobster's albums of the year:
I knew I was asking for trouble. For all her wonderful qualities, MrsRobster is not known for her decisiveness. So asking her to choose her top 3 albums of the year was like asking Theresa May to come up with a good Brexit deal. She narrowed it down to 10, but couldn't choose three from them. So in no particular order, she went for:

Idles - 'Joy As An Act Of Resistance'
Estrons - 'You Say I'm Too Much, I Say You're Not Enough'
The Wombats - Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life'
Shame - 'Songs Of Praise'
Spring King - 'A Better Life'
The Beths - 'Future Me Hates Me'
Teleman - 'Family Of Aliens'
James - 'Living In Extraordinary Times'
Muse - 'Simulation Theory'
Slaves - 'Acts Of Fear And Love'

MrsRobster's top 3 gigs of the year:
She did a bit better with the gigs but still couldn't get it down to three. She has her top 2, and the other three are tied in third:

1. Ride - Certainly in my own top 5 but just missed the top 3
2. Public Service Broadcasting - A bit predictable. She just LOOOOOOOOOOVES the PSB boys.
3=. Idles
3=. Shame
3=. Estrons - The other one from my top 5, a great way to end the year.

And that's it from me for 2018. And, in fact, for the foreseeable. I had planned to do another Bowie Week in January, and put the blog on an indefinite hiatus after its fifth birthday in February. But instead, I'm calling it a day now. I'm bored of the thing and need to stop.

So until I have something to say that I feel you may be everso slightly interested in, I declare Is This The Life? closed for business. Thanks for everything - the support, the contributions, the fun. Have a good holiday everyone. Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.


  1. It will be a shame if you stop Rob. I've said it before you are welcome on our team anytime. Swc.

    Have a great Christmas and come back to us in the new year.

  2. Sorry to read this this morning Robster. But thanks for all the posts you have written over the last 5 years.

  3. Ah bawls...
    I hope you'll consider the offer from Swc.

  4. Say it's not so Charlie Brwon.
    Thanks for introducing me to some great music Robster
    Merry Christmas to you and yours

  5. Enjoy the holidays, Robster. Hope everyone from the family is at home.

  6. Real sorry to read you're thinking of chucking it, but totally understandable if the love and the motivation aren't there.

    As with the others, the offer is there to post over at my place if you ever feel the've surely got to keep the live reviews going???

  7. I quite like The Somnambulist too. Need more new Bunny music.

  8. Aw, man I need to get out more(by which I actually mean, stay in more and go visit my blogging buddies). Gutted you've gone, but as one who's gone AWOL himself, I totally get it. Hope you change your mind, but if you don't - and even if you do - cheers for everything. Oh, and come on Newport (now we're out of the Cup!)