Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Welsh Wednesday #78

#78: Bizarre Love Triangle by Devine & Statton

When the Young Marble Giants split, the various members moved on to all sorts of different musical projects. Singer Alison Statton formed the jazz-tinged Weekend before training to become a chiropractor and t'ai chi instructor. In 1989, she returned to the music biz alongside Mancunian musician Ian Devine, formerly of Ludus, a band adored by a certain chap called Morrissey. Based in Cardiff, Devine & Statton released two albums together, 'The Prince Of Wales' and 'Cardiffians'.

Among a couple dozen originals, the pair recorded a handful of covers. One was the dodgy old Crystal Gayle ballad Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue, another was the Martini Rosso advert. However, you'll be pleased to hear I've gone for their take on one of New Order's finest songs Bizarre Love Triangle.

Incidentally, although Young Marble Giants get back together every so often and play a few gigs, Alison continues to work as a chiropractor in nearby Penarth.


  1. I don't keep an eye on what happens to some bands, so thank you for informing me.

    Also - I sometimes forget what day it is, so again thank you for your service.

  2. Magnificent cover version

    Was lucky enough to see YMG last year in Glasgow. It was every bit as tremendous as I'd hoped in advance....and then some.