Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Welsh Wednesday #76

#76: No Wrenching Of Guts This Time by Seazoo

Wrexham has a good little lo-fi scene going on of late. Seazoo are among those bands to be picking up interest further afield. Curiously dubbing their sound as "post-teddycore", they record most of their stuff in the spare bedroom at the home of one of their members. When they started off, their membership consisted of vocalists Llinos and Ben and a stuffed orange bear called Dai. Nowadays they have five or six proper members, and Dai, well I'm not sure what happened to Dai...

To date their discography consists of a couple of EPs and singles (which you can find on Bandcamp). The wonderfully-titled No Wrenching Of Guts This Time is taken from Seazoo's 2013 debut EP 'Ken', a short, sharp, fuzzy blast of quirky north-east Wales pop.

Here's the video featuring the original line-up (including Dai).

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