Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Welsh Wednesday #61

#61: If I Could Shine by The Sweetest Ache

The Sweetest Ache were from Swansea and were held in much reverence on the local South Wales scene. Their debut single If I Could Shine was released on the mighty Sarah Records in 1990. It sounded kind of out of time, coming as it did a few years after the jangly C86 movement and at the peak of the baggy Madchester scene. You could, however, argue that it's more shoegaze than jangle, but if that's true, it's more shoegaze-lite.

They made two albums, 'Jaguar' through Sarah, and the very bland 'Grass Roots' in 1993. There were also half-a-dozen non-album singles but if I'm being honest, nothing quite reached the promise shown by that debut single. They split just a few years after they formed yet still made enough of an impact to be remembered some 20+ years on.


  1. Great track. Good old Sarah!

  2. One of the forgotten Sarah acts. There is a book on Sarah coming out next week that I'm very excited about. You described their discography perfectly. This is the one to have.