Monday 9 November 2015

Being Savaged

Different kind of post from me today. I just have to share my love of the new Savages track The Answer with you. Watch/listen to this and tell me it's not totally fucking awesome:

They have form. Here's their last single, the live 9-minute epic that is Fuckers. Seriously intense stuff.

There's definitely a bit of Siouxsie Sioux being channelled through Jehnny Beth. But as well as the voice, the sheer energy and uncompromising nature of the music and performance come through strong. They are primarily a live band. As if to prove the point (not that it needs to be proven), here's an extraordinary appearance on Jools Holland's show a few years back:

The band's second album is due in the new year. Probably on a par with Bowie as my most anticipated album of 2016. They are touring but as yet there's nothing scheduled anywhere near my neck of the woods. Here's hoping...

So you get your MP3 fix, here's a track from Savages' live EP 'I Am Here' from 2012. City's Full appeared on their studio debut the following year. Blinding!



  1. Catching up on some tv last night and we watched the Girls In Bands doc. I said to the missus that I must explore more about this band. Such beautiful noise.
    Then the next morning I come here... Perfect timing old chap.

  2. Great cover of Dream Baby Dream on the other side of Fuckers. A marvellous band.

  3. Excellent - can see the Sioxsie connection though not sure if she ever jumped about that much!

  4. She did like a good arm wave!! I do like the song shut up.