Monday, 23 November 2015

It Came From Japan #6: Stereopony

Back with the girls this week. And when I say girls, that's really not far off. Stereopony were all still in their teens when they formed in 2007. Their career was short - a mere five years - but they enjoyed a taste of success, releasing three albums in the process.

Their sound is probably best described as pop-punk in the Weezer mould and they certainly had the polish and sheen that the might of the Sony Corporation could lavish upon them. They provided a number of themes to anime shows which no doubt aided their popularity. The band split following singer Aimi's throat surgery.

My favourite track of their's is Viva La Viva La which featured on the final album 'More! More!! More!!!', possibly their best. Cracking track and everso slightly barmy. I've also included Hanbuko a highlight from their second album.


Here's the video for Stereopony's debut single.


  1. I really enjoy your series about J-punk/new wave. They are all new to me but always worth to listen.

  2. As Walter said. Number 6 already and no Melt Banana yet!