Monday, 12 January 2015

Vintage Vinyl #5

Jane Wiedlin - Rush Hour 7" picture disc
Bought from: Kelly's Records, Cardiff
Price paid: £3

My trips to Kelly's have yielded some interesting results. This item was picked up just as I ran out of browsing time during a recent visit. It was in the final box I looked in and near the back. I saw it and bought it almost instantly.

Jane Wiedlin was my favourite Go-Go in terms of cuteness, even though Belinda Carlisle has the better track record in terms of their respective solo careers. Rush Hour was the first single off Wiedlin's second album 'Fur' and was the standout track on an otherwise ropey record. In fact, Rush Hour was one of the 80s best songs in my opinion. It's a terrific pop record and still holds up today, in spite of that dated 80s production.

I really liked Rush Hour when it first came out in 1988, but as I was discovering 'cool' music at the time, probably felt it was not the sort of record I should be buying. Such a fool was I. I've put that right now, and in picture disc form too!



  1. it's good when you get to that age that you can buy what you like without worrying about your street cred!

  2. It's scary when you classify something released in 1988 as "vintage".
    In my mind that would be something from the 50's or 60's.

    Yes this is a rant about getting old.

  3. Great pop song. Always liked it too, although I couldn't get myself to buy Fur either. When I got an iPod about 10 years ago, this song was one of the first downloads I ever legally purchased. In other words, I had the song, but you wouldn't find it on the shelf. Quite cowardly.

    And yes, she was my go-to Go-Go as well. What a cutie.

  4. Cute !!! I always thought she was the " punk " one, a proper lass you could hang out with ???