Friday, 9 January 2015

50 songs to take to my grave #22: Sister Surround

The Soundtrack of our Lives was one of those bands I heard for the first time on Jools Holland’s show ‘Later…’. They performed Sister Surround and I remember being completely absorbed in their sound and performance, particularly the mock-rock posturing and an energetic display from their rather rotund and bearded singer Ebbot Lundberg bedecked in a black robe.

There was something about the sound of the guitars and the driving rhythm that just grabbed me. So I went on one of my explorations and tracked down as much music as I could find from the band. Sister Surround featured on the band’s third album ‘Behind The Music’ which proved to be their UK and US breakthrough record. (Prior to this they had been well-known in their native Sweden and neighbouring Scandinavian countries.) They became faves of Oasis who took them on tour in the States, and all of a sudden the music press over here took notice of them for that reason.

From that point on, I followed TSOOL (as us fans like to refer to them as) right up to their split in 2012. I loved their take on psychedelic alternative indie rock (for want of a better description), and all six of their albums contain some great material.

But Sister Surround remains their trump card as far as I’m concerned. I could put a case for a number of TSOOL’s songs, but it’s this one I keep coming back to as their high point.

And here's that out of this world performance on 'Later... With Jools Holland'.

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  1. There is a series of programs done about ones a year on the swedish television where there are about 7 swedish artist and each program the other ones do there version of a song they pick from the artist career. Link to Spotify version of Ebbots day: spotify:album:7lZCUMZKW9gL0zuY6I9IcD or That's also where the Freereelin by Ebbot Lundberg is from since that's a collection of his versions of the other artists songs. should be possible to find on the web for instance at from Så mycket bättre 2013 season.
    Agnes do TSOOL Instant Repeater and Titiyo do Sister Sorround however that version misses the force of the original but Agnes is an radio hit version.
    The Scandinavian swede.....