Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Genius Of... David Gedge #6

#6: My Favourite Dress by The Wedding Present

Probably the first true sign of David Gedge's talent. My Favourite Dress was released as the Wedding Present's fourth single in 1987 and later that year featured (in a slightly altered form) on the debut album 'George Best'. It displays everything you need to know about Gedge's approach to songwriting, particularly in those early days.

Musically, it sums up what the Wedding Present were all about - jangly guitars, simple three-chord structures and that all-important extended coda. Lyrically, it's trademark Gedge. Our hero has been stood up, only to spot his girlfriend in the arms of another man:

  Uneaten meals, a lonely star
  A welcome ride in a neighbour's car
  A long walk home in the pouring rain
  I fell asleep when you never came
  Some rare delight in Manchester town
  It took six hours before you let me down
  To see it all in a drunken kiss
  A stranger's hand on my favourite dress
  That was my favourite dress you wore

My Favourite Dress was one of the first songs I ever taught myself to play on guitar (yes, it's that simple) and has remained a huge fave of mine over the years. On occasion I've shamefully forgotten what a good song it is. One listen, and I'm hooked once more.


  1. My favouite Wedding Present song too.
    Swiss Adam

  2. For me it's a toss up between this and This Boy Can Wait for my fave Gedge tune...