Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Welsh Wednesday #12

#12: Puts Me To Work by Cate le Bon

Hailing from the Carmarthenshire hamlet of Penboyr (but currently based in LA), Cate le Bon is fast becoming Wales' new pop princess. She can boast a wealth of collaborators (Gruff Rhys and Manic Street Preachers to name just two), her records are played all over 6Music and she is also really rather good. Dark and minimal, her music is intriguing and a little odd at times, her accent giving her the air of a Welsh Nico.

She's put out three excellent albums, her latest 'Mug Museum' proving to be her most successful to date. But for today's post, I'm going for a track from her previous album, 2012's 'Cyrk'. Puts Me To Work is a delightful example of what she's all about and is a particular fave of mine.

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  1. Mug Musuem is a very very fine record. And today's offering, one I've not heard, is also damned good.