Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Welsh Wednesday #11

#11: Saith by Y Niwl

Despite serving some time as Gruff Rhys' backing band, Y Niwl (trans: The Fog) are actually better known for their authentic take on instrumental surf rock a la Dick Dale, the Surftones, the Champs etc. Strange really, as the best Welsh surf is in the south and Y Niwl hail from the north. Actually, I'm not sure why that's strange at all really, but there you go...

The band has been quiet since their fourth release - the aptly-titled 'Y Niwl 4' EP - in 2012. Neither their website nor Bandcamp pages have been updated since then which maybe hints that they've split. Hopefully, they're just resting. Maybe their releases come in waves. Arf...

Now, Y Niwl don't actually title their songs, they just assign them numbers. In Welsh, of course. So this being post number 11 in the series, it therefore might be deemed appropriate to go for Undegun, or Eleven. But as I've long been deemed by many to be inappropriate, I've decided to go for Saith (Seven) 'cos I like it better.

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