Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Welsh Wednesday #10

#10: Sugarcrush by Joanna Gruesome

I thought it was about time some of the new breed was represented in this series, so with that I proudly introduce Joanna Gruesome.

Joanna Gruesome have what is probably the worst band name in Wales. Despite this, they make a splendid noise that evokes lots of old-school indie references: the Wedding Present, the Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Talulah Gosh, the Primitives, Lush, etc. Only a handful of singles/EPs and a solitary album exist with their name on them at the moment, but they have been a part of the live circuit in Cardiff since their formation in 2010; they do have a bit of a reputation for high-energy performances too.

Sugarcrush is a real blast of C86-inspired fuzz-pop taken from their debut album which you can buy from their Bandcamp page (you'll find some free stuff there, too). Good band, good attitude, good fun.


  1. If he was still around Peel might've played this. Did not know they were of Welsh origin.

  2. I enjoyed that Robster - maybe the lass in the middle is in fact called Joanna Gruesome??

    1. Alanna McArdle is her name, last seen sporting bright blue hair.

    2. A slightly more acceptable monicker