Monday, 29 October 2018

Monday's Long Song

When I chose today's long song, I realised I had only ever posted anything about Sigur Rós once before here. That's crazy as they have been one of my favourite bands for many years now. That single post told of my reverence for the band's second album 'Ágætis Byrjun', and today's track is taken from that wonderful record.

Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása weighs in at more than 10 minutes and yet it still doesn't seem long enough. An absolute masterpiece.

Pixeldrain went gaga when I tried to upload the file so I've temporarily switched to Nippyshare.

The video won the award for Best Video at the Icelandic Music Awards the following year. It remains one of the most moving film clips you'll ever see. Sadly, the song is some three minutes shorter in this version but that doesn't detract from what an incredible piece of work it is.

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  1. A tremendous piece of music. The video is extraordinarily powerful.