Monday, 1 October 2018

A song for... October

Right now, I'm really struggling with the blog. It's not that I don't have any ideas of things to write - there's plenty of those - it's just that I really can't be arsed with it. It's been that way for a while now, and I think it's taking its toll as most of my readers seem to have jumped ship, probably because of it. October is a busy month for us though - three gigs I'm really looking forward to, so that'll provide some inspiration, hopefully.

October is also the month where Autumn properly kicks in. September was rough mind, lots of wind and rain, so not sure quite what to expect. So I reckon a song that has a bit of an autumn vibe to it, but doesn't sound stormy or miserable. October appears on Lucy Wainwright Roche's 2010 album 'Lucy' and features the somewhat legendary Indigo Girls.


  1. Rob you should keep at it. Look over at TSOBO we are going to be a man (well woman) down from the end of November. You're welcome to join us.

  2. For a variety of reasons I've been struggling with the blog myself this year, as apparently have a few of our number. Perhaps we should introduce a Summer close season (a month, six weeks?) allowing us all time to take a break from blogging and refresh our batteries.
    Lovely tune today.

  3. I'm always going to say keep going, you know that. You should do like Drew and post when you feel like it. I also like The Swede's idea above with the summer break.

  4. I wanted to get started on a blog 14 months ago, but have struggled to find the time. I wasn't even going to set myself the goal of publishing on a daily basis, but have written a grand total of 2 pieces in that time. I've even struggled to keep up with the blogs I do read. As suggested above, just stick some stuff on here when you're in the mood - I may even do that myself although I'd like to have a few more pieces "in the bank" first.

  5. I second the above, mate: blogging should remain fun, not become 'work' ... so write a little piece whenever you are in the mood to do so, but never be afraid that people will be angry when you are not. Because they won't be angry ...

  6. I made the mistake last year of putting all my energies into keeping TVV going at the expense of failing to keep up with what others were saying and writing about. I can't let that happen again and if it means TVV slows down, then so be it. It especially hit me when I met up with Drew for a football match and we had a very long heart-to-heart.

    Wouldn't worry too much about the declining readership....I've got that too despite posting every day and getting support from so many guest contributors. It was very telling that the most hits came via a guest post when the author posted about it on social media....what we do is now regarded as very old-fashioned...a bit like buying newspapers.