Sunday, 19 August 2018

"This is why you never see your father cry..."

What could well be one of the albums of the year comes out in a fortnight. It's the second offering from Bristol punks Idles. They've put out four songs from it to date and each one is a blistering earful of raucous brilliance. There's always been a socio-political element to their music, but this time around they are really going for the jugular. Danny Nedelko, a Romanian immigrant, is a good friend of the band. This song is not just about him (though he's the star of the video), but the positive nature of immigration in general:

While it's easy to think that Great is an anti-Brexit song, I think it's more about people of a certain age being afraid of the idea of change and using the EU, immigration and religion (particularly Islam) as justification for their fear (spurred on by the right-wing media, of course):

Samaritans tackles the subject of masculinity and the way it continues to be forced into the male psyche from an early age. Phrases like "man up" and "grow some balls" are continually thrown around even in this enlightened age.

Three absolute corkers there. We're off to see Idles in their hometown in October. I've no doubt I'll emerge very sweaty and a little bit deaf (or a little more deaf...) but extremely happy. Really, really looking forward to it. The album 'Joy As An Act Of Resistance' hits the shops on the 31st August and will soundtrack my life for quite a while I reckon.


  1. This album is definitely on my wishlist. The lyrics of Danny Nedelko caught my attention on first listen.

  2. Got the album at Xmas. I think it more than lives up to the hype, which is very unusual these days.