Wednesday, 15 August 2018

New stuff wot sounds like old stuff #6

The Beths are from Auckland, New Zealand and make a lovely noise, all 90s power-poppy in the mould of Veruca Salt, Belly and Juliana Hatfield. They've just released their debut album 'Future Me Hates Me'. I stumbled across the title track a month or two ago and it's a joy of a tune.

New single You Wouldn't Like Me is another delight. Why the flip didn't this album come out at the start of the summer? It would have been my soundtrack for the past couple of glorious months.

To be honest, the videos are naff as hell, but let's not get too picky. The songs sell themselves. There's a lovely limited yellow vinyl edition of the album which you'll probably want to snap up.


  1. Nice. I heard about The Beths from the always-excellent Plain Or Pan here, and subsequently wrote about them myself too, describing their sound as "a bit like Sleeper would have sounded if Louise Wener sang in a slightly higher register (and with a Kiwi accent)", which fits nicely with your description, I reckon.

  2. Very good retro-sounded music. Like it very much. Innocent and true to the bands they are influenced by. Funny, because I will post a song by band from NZ released more than 40 years ago.

  3. I just picked up this one... I'm hooked!

  4. These are good.......can't but admire your ability to pick up new and emeerging bands. I've become totally dependent on enjoying the recommendations of others