Wednesday, 14 March 2018

What's the Deal, Kim?

The new Breeders album 'All Nerve' is AMAZING! Seriously. It's rather dark and brooding, more like their debut 'Pod' than 'Last Splash'. It takes two or three listens to really 'get' some of the tracks, but once you're fully immersed in its greatness you float in a sea of awesome. Yeah, I'm a fanboy, but anyone who doesn't agree with me that Kim Deal is the coolest fucking person on the planet is just wrong and doesn't deserve to have ears. In fact, Kim and Kelley are the coolest twins on the planet.

Here's proof. Two songs from the new album performed live on French TV. Exquisite, certainly. Josephine Wiggs oozes understated coolness at stage right, and Jim MacPherson looks not unlike Guy Garvey. Imagine, Guy Garvey playing drums. For the Breeders.

My copy of 'All Nerve' on orange vinyl is my new prized and favourite possession. In July, a week before my birthday, we're off to see The Breeders at their sold out show in Bristol. I'll probably post a few more Kim-related things before then. I was thinking of doing a Genius of Kim Deal series, but I've vowed not to commit myself to series any more (other than the R.E.M. one which may draw to a close soon), so I'll just stick to some random posts.

In the meantime, here's a great clip from 1993 around the release of 'Last Splash'. Not only do the band play live, but Conan O'Brien interviews them too, which is something he rarely ever did with the bands on his show. Kelley's string breaks during the performance which fucks things up somewhat - even Kim misses her part, but both keep smiling. Then afterwards, Josephine jumps on Conan and gives him a "hickey" (UK trans: lovebite).


  1. I've really enjoyed what I've heard from the LP so far. Looking forward to checking the whole thing out. Great performance clip.

  2. Yes! A must buy. Really getting out there and plugging this one too. Have seen quite a few online clips the last couple of weeks.

  3. "I'll probably post a few more Kim-related things before then."

    Nah.....just do a Kim Deal ICA!!!!!!!!!!

    Go on, go on, go on, go on...........