Friday, 16 March 2018

What's the Deal, Kim? #2

Two very contrasing songs today. Kim Deal has written some extraordinary songs in her career. She pretty much defines the entire alternative rock movement, in both sound and attitude. By attitude, I mean her total independence, her don't-give-a-fuck-about-hit-records belief. She's stayed true to herself. That doesn't mean it's all been about crunchy guitars and feedback. She has written some absolutely beautiful songs too, ones that many balladeers would give arms and legs for.

A few years ago, shortly before Kim reformed the 'Last Splash'-era Breeders, she released a series of lo-fi 7" singles. One of them was the most touching song in her entire catalogue. Are You Mine? is about her mother. She suffers from alzheimers. It affects her memory and often greets her children with the question "Are you mine?" Jeez, I never thought a Kim Deal song would bring tears to the eyes, but this one...

How do you follow that? Well, you can't. So here's a song about having sex with a man with a very large penis. This was the first song Kim wrote for Pixies. Despite being my favourite band and therefore immune from any criticism whatsoever, I can't help but think Kim should have been allowed to contribute more. Gigantic remains one of the band's best known songs. Apple remade the song for one of their ad campaigns a few years ago. I cannot believe they didn't bother to find out what the song was about! I've always thought Apple and the people who buy their overpriced products were all utter cocks though, so maybe it's appropriate...

This was recorded in Holland in 1988. Someone in the You Tube comments section wrote: "Sweaty 1980s Kim Deal - ah, they don't make them like her any more." How right you are!