Friday, 26 January 2018

The Genius of Nick Cave

#30: Deanna

So here we are - the end of the series. You could argue it's outstayed its welcome, and going by the reaction to recent episodes (ie: bugger all!) I'd be inclined to agree with you. So let's round off with something upbeat with a very dark underbelly. Deanna was a girl from Melbourne who made such an impression on Nick he wrote a song about her. Except here, the girl is being instructed in committing an evil deed. Or is she the intended victim? Either way, it's chilling stuff. And it's appropriate that we should end a series about one of the most engaging artists on Earth with the line "I'm down here for your soul." There are times I feel like he's got mine.


  1. This is an immense and dense piece of song. Good work.
    Swiss Adam

  2. One of the songs that turned me into a fan rather than an admirer.

    If Deanna from Melbourne is still alive, she will be almost a pensioner by now. I wonder if she plays it to her grandkids and says to them 'this is about me, you know.'. If so, I wonder what the gandkids think!!!!!

    Thanks for all of this. Keep your eyes peeled for Nick's tie in the ICA World Cup...all will be revealed come Saturday. It's a belter....