Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Reggae Wednesday

For the fourth week in a row, it's a cover version, although to be fair in this case it's the cover that is probably better known. In 1982, Rita Marley released her second solo album 'Harambé'. It included this fantastic version of a song originally by The Love Joys. And it is a joy. It's basically about getting stoned.

Now I know I usually write more than this, but you surely don't need me to tell you who Rita Marley is and her history, etc. If you do, you're definitely reading the wrong blog and are probably not into music. Try this instead. For everyone else, well one listen to the tune and you'll realise that, in all honesty, words are not necessary - this is all you need.


  1. Your link to the Ed Sheeran dates just depresses me. How and Why this man is so popular is beyond comprehension. What is wrong with people ?????!!! Four nights in a Manchester Stadium to hear the most mundane, unimaginative so-called music. HOW???

    1. I feel your pain Neil - your disdain is shared by a great many people I know.