Monday, 7 August 2017

Feeling Feisty?

Leslie Feist has been rather busy just lately. As well as releasing her fifth solo album back in the spring, she also teamed back up with her old mates Broken Social Scene for their first record in seven years. Both albums have been played A LOT around here, so here's a track from each.

Century features Jarvis Cocker musing on how long a century is. His maths is wrong and he fails to account for leap years, but putting that aside, it's Jarvis so he can get away with it. The video features The Jarv and a brilliant face off between Feist and Maria Doyle Kennedy, formerly of the Hothouse Flowers but best known as an actress in Father Ted, Downton Abbey and, currently, Orphan Black. She kills it here, too! The only downside is the way the song ends. Yes, it's intentional, but I still find it bloody annoying...

Feist takes lead vocal on the title track of Broken Social Scene's 'Hug Of Thunder'. No video exists for this track, and she hasn't performed live with the band during the current round of pormotional duties, but the studio version still sounds wonderful on its own.


  1. Excellent choice from two great albums Robster. I really like her voice much.

  2. Mrs & I were BSS/Feist obsessives a few years ago, but, to my shame, I've yet to pick up either of these albums, in spite of liking everything I've heard from them so far.

  3. Not often I'll stick with music videos for 6 plus minutes, but that was enthralling. Great track too....if Kate Bush had written and recorded it, we'd never have heard the end of it.

    Feist, I'm sorry to say, is another who has passed me by. If you do get your mojo back, and ICA would be received very warmly.